Margo DeGange, M. Ed.

Margo DeGange, M.Ed. is a best-selling author, speaker, and coach. She hosts interactive events and masterminds to help others brainstorm and design plans for more empowered living.  

Margo has worked in business consulting, interior design/staging, adult education, and publishing. An entrepreneur for over 30 years, her synthesized background gives her the very best tools to create astounding learning environments. 

Margo is the creator of hundreds of information products, courses, and marketing tools, and she’s the founder of Splendor Publishing, where leaders, speakers, and experts go to publish their non-fiction books with ease. She is also the founder of Women of Splendor, the exciting mentoring organization where entrepreneurs collaborate and grow through interactive conferences.

With Margo, experiential learning is key to personal and professional growth. When we immerse ourselves in a positive learning environment with great content and the right people, miracles happen.

Discover YOUR “Gift of Brilliance” through Margo’s products, programs, mastermind training, and personal coaching sessions.

Margo DeGange, M.Ed. 

Coaching, speaking, and facilitation credentials:

Masters Degree: Studied Adult Education and Instructional Design

Bachelors Degree: Studied Leadership & Communication

Associates Degree: Studied Speech Communication

Lifestyle Design Coach,

Certified Human Behavior Coach,

Certified Interior Environment Coach,

DISC Certified in Behavioral Assessments

Certified Dewey Color Instructor (and Color Psychology)

Home Fashions Design and Staging Training


I'll Help You Find Your Passion!

Success-minded people want their lives to matter and their life-work to be significant. You hear so much about “passion” and “purpose,” but how do you tap into yours?  

I will lead you through a discovery process to find what I term your “Gift of Brilliance.”  When you work with me, you will gain clarity to live and work on-purpose. You will create meaningful plans and compelling “next steps” where your interests, talents, and desires meet. I function as your skilled facilitator, allowing you to dig deep and find the answers for yourself. Then together, we make the plan!  

We will uncover that brilliant sweet spot (your GIFT OF BRILLIANCE) for this season of your life and for where where you want to go (since seasons do change).  Whether it’s to build a business, start a ministry, write your book, create a product, design an empowering environment, host an event, create an online presence, or get involved in your community!  

Work with me so that each and every vision, goal, and activity is fully and unmistakably on-point. That’s when the miracles quickly happen! That’s when YOU impact your world!