Interior Environment Coaching with Margo


Five sessions, ninety minutes each over ten weeks.



Your interior environment should support you in every area of your life and align with your life and work goals. It should act as a springboard for success both within and outside of the home.

This is Life Coaching related to your home and how it can fully function to support your dreams and goals. From what’s in your kitchen pantry to how you work, sleep, create, and relate within the home, we plan an environment that empowers you!

In 5 coaching sessions over 8 weeks, we look at distinct areas of life-design and create a vision for the way you want your home to function for you (interior design aside). Then we create an action plan for your “Ideal Interior Environment©️,” with steps you can easily implement between and after sessions. When the way you live aligns fully with what you say you want, success gravitates to you.





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